You’re Bald

Round two of chemotherapy has come and gone. That was a tough one in a whole new way. I had a lot more issues with my tummy and nausea and headaches. I had less pain in my bones, but boy it was still painful. I’m learning what drugs to take and when and for how … Continue reading You’re Bald

Gabriella Joy

Two weeks ago, two days after my first treatment—ouch—we had a follow-up appointment with my obstetrician to see how I was recovering from my laparoscopic surgery and with my D&C’s. Plural. Everything was great, and I was healing well. My doctor, who is amazing, also told us that our baby was/is a girl! I cried. … Continue reading Gabriella Joy

Dem Bones

Oh. My. Word. Raw post here. Last week was horrible. If I wasn’t walking so close with Jesus I would probably fill this post with bad words. If you have not had chemotherapy, consider yourself very, very blessed. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine because your skin isn’t burning at the first drop of light … Continue reading Dem Bones

Get Ready. Get Set.

It’s almost go time to start the fight against this cancer. I can’t believe that we technically haven’t started attacking this little beast yet. We’re almost there, almost at the starting line. This Tuesday, June 7 at 7:45 a.m. I will start the process of what will be my first chemotherapy treatment. I don’t know … Continue reading Get Ready. Get Set.