Merry Christmas

Guest post from my husband. 2016 has been the most difficult year our family has ever experienced. And, surprisingly, thanks to God’s unfailing, never-stopping, always and forever Love shown to us over and over again throughout our darkest times and in so many ways, this has been our most blessed year ever. God has reminded … Continue reading Merry Christmas


Last Wednesday we met with Dr. Gradishar at Northwestern. Long story short, there isn’t anything he can do for me right now with certainty. There are two clinical trials going on right now and there just isn’t enough evidence that they would do much to help me. If he gave me the drug in the … Continue reading Chicago


This blog is really quiet, isn’t it? I’m sorry for not updating sooner. October has been a rough month around here. I’m still experiencing all sorts of side effects from my chemo. Plus I had a sinus infection that lasted for weeks. And our youngest had a nasty cold. Both girls had birthdays in early … Continue reading Answers


One of my favorite things to do is to sit and listen. I love to listen to stories and conversations. Love it. Surprisingly, I have a favorite part of my chemotherapy treatments: listening to stories. You see, 99.999% of the time I am the youngest patient in the room. By like 20–30 years, at least. … Continue reading Story

Eight Minutes

At the end of July I came down with a cold. On Sunday, July 31, our hospital and a local funeral home held a Memorial Service, as part of their program, In God’s Arms, for all the babies who died this past spring. That wasn’t easy. It’s so hard to process this in the middle … Continue reading Eight Minutes


Hello, hello! I’m alive. Barely feels like it some days, but I am in fact still living. I need to figure out where I left off. These next few posts are going to be messy because, well, I’m feeling very messy. First of all, thank you to everyone for your amazing generous support to our … Continue reading Powerless