Proverbs 3:5-6

5 thoughts on “Proverbs 3:5-6”

  1. You amaze us! We see strong faith in you not someone held down by cancer. We know love for your family drives you but faith is the fuel that energizes and empowers you. Through faith you can do hard things! We pray that the needs to finish this battle will fall into place and that any remaining cancer cells will be drawn into and crushed by God’s mighty hand. Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing! We love you so much! Keep looking up to HIM every day!


  2. Kim-
    You and your family have remained in my thoughts and prayers since 2017. God has this and he has YOU! God Bless you for sharing your journey and giving God the glory in the midst of the highs and lows. Specific prayers will continue for a clear report!


  3. Kim, Love ❤ to you and the family! 💕 Prayers 🙏 from the Sessler family. 👪 (Hugs) Miss Pam, Ashlynn and Pat


  4. Kim, Pray for you every day, your mom gives updates, however to read your words brings encouragement to those of us who may have other physical needs not as tough as yours. Your scripture passage is what others believe for you. We serve a God that takes care of every little detail. God Bless you and Tim as you finish the race in this painful journey of your lives.


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