Plans vs. Trust

3 thoughts on “Plans vs. Trust”

  1. This is such a strong and courage so story Kim. I am lost for words on just what this means to have read this. Just sharing strengthens me in so many ways. I’m so happy that at least you are done with the chemo. I am praying for you and Tim and your recovery.
    Peace be with you and Tim 🙏🙏🙏🙏


  2. You need to share this with Dave Ramsey! My story is a bit similar – I brought debt into my marriage and we worked hard to become debt free. A year after this happened, I was diagnosed. It was SUCH a blessing to not have to make treatment decisions based on whether we could afford it or not. Congratulations on finishing chemo. I finished on Christmas Day and wake up everyday grateful for my health and life. I wish you much health, wealth and happiness!


  3. Your story is amazing. Although I am only 27 years old, my story sounds a lot like this. My husband was diagnosed with a brain condition about 6 months after our wedding date and finishing Financial Peace University in 2015. He just had his 3rd brain surgery in August. You don’t understand how much this encourages me. I wish you the best and I hope you continue to share your story.


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