Eight Minutes

8 thoughts on “Eight Minutes”

  1. Baby, today then one more… you are so close to no more! Keep your mind on that! Flex that bulldawg attitude! I love you forever!


  2. Hi Kim,
    What strength you have, to endure all that you’ve gone through. I’m in awe! You’re a warrior. The typing nurse is probably your doctor’s scribe, but I kinda like your name for her better! I’m continuing to pray for you and for your family.


  3. YAY!!! to only 1 more treatment. Kim, I know you can do this. God is right there with you each and every moment. We, your family & friends, who love you dearly are CONTINUALLY praying for you. We love you. You are AMAZING!!! Your immediate family is standing along side you to keep life as normal for your sweet daughters as much as it possible. YOU ROCK with the STRENGTH OF GOD!!!!


  4. Words are not enough…my spirit groans with you and for you. Times like these I trust Holy Spirit to take these groans before the Father that He might breathe life, healing, rest, peace, and joy over you and through you. You and your entire family are dearly loved.


  5. It’s almost done! I can’t describe the feeling of walking out after finishing my last treatment today. I had a terrible 2 weeks and I will certainly pray that this one will be easier for you to deal with. Girl, you got this! The finish line for chemo is in sight and I am cheering you on!


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