Maybe too much information

8 thoughts on “Maybe too much information”

  1. Praying for answers, wisdom and discernment for the Dr’s and most of all for our Heavenly Father to wrap his arms around you and bring you peace. So sorry your going through all of this. Keep looking up and holding on. We will pray without ceasing!


  2. Oh Kim I am so sorry you all are going through this! Praying for answers and healing!

    Laura (who went on the cruise with you and Ann)


  3. In reading your blog posts I hear a woman in pain and deep agony. But I also hear a warrior and a woman who is going to conquer this because her spirit has not been broken. Hugs and prayers to all of you!!


  4. Our hearts and prayers go out to you, Kim, as well as Tim and your girls. We don’t take lightly that you are courageous enough to share details of your experience with us – and hope that through your writing, you find some amount of peace. Know that you and your family are admired and loved by many.. and believing that prayers multiplied have great power, Diane and I join your many friends in praying for healing through this ordeal as quickly as possible. God bless. Keep us posted as you can.

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  5. Oh my friend 😦 ugh:( in so sorry. Thinking of you constantly and praying for you ferverantly!!!!!! Xoxoxox


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