That Escalated Quickly

11 thoughts on “That Escalated Quickly”

  1. They say when you hear the words “you have cancer” that everything else is a blur. Great job documeting it thus far.


  2. Kim, I’m so glad you’re documenting this (even just for Tim, yourself and your girls, one day). Love you.


  3. May all the light surround you and your family as you negotiate this diagnosis. I have found it very helpful to write about my cancering – keep writing.
    iris (I blog about breast cancer at


  4. I will be praying for you everyday. May God hold you in his arms and help you through this journey.


  5. Kim, you are so right when you say that Dr. Ansari is one of the best oncologists. Did you know that he was your Grandma Barnard’s doctor when she had breast cancer? I know that you will be well taken care of. Love you, sweetie!


  6. You and your family are in our prayers. We worship each week alongside Christine and Suzanne and family and we’ve been praying alongside you.


  7. Writing has helped me process what happened to me. God’s mercies will be all around you. He will go before you. I blog at if you want to checkout it out. I was diagnosed this past August. God bless. Praying for you ~ Amy


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