Fast Forward

Hello, hello! Did anyone think I’d blog in 2018? It has been while! A lot of life has happened since I last blogged in March of 2017. Here’s a little crash course in all things Burkey… I quit my job, started homeschooling our kiddos, Tim quit his jobs, he started his own business, we bought … Continue reading Fast Forward


This morning I will find out if I have cancer. Last Friday I had my first CT scan post treatment. It was the first CT scan of my chest since September of 2016. Thank you for all your prayers and love. This will be my new normal. Typically after treatment patients will have scans or … Continue reading Today.

Drop the Mic

As of 10:00 AM this morning, I am officially done with Radiation. I am so, so incredibly happy. And tired. I am very, very tired. Thirty-three days of radiation makes me tired. I haven’t stayed up much past 9:00 over the last two months, which is why I haven’t blogged much. Radiation has been an … Continue reading Drop the Mic

Merry Christmas

Guest post from my husband. 2016 has been the most difficult year our family has ever experienced. And, surprisingly, thanks to God’s unfailing, never-stopping, always and forever Love shown to us over and over again throughout our darkest times and in so many ways, this has been our most blessed year ever. God has reminded … Continue reading Merry Christmas


Last Wednesday we met with Dr. Gradishar at Northwestern. Long story short, there isn’t anything he can do for me right now with certainty. There are two clinical trials going on right now and there just isn’t enough evidence that they would do much to help me. If he gave me the drug in the … Continue reading Chicago